Jnr CLub Committe Members 

Arron Campbell -Chairman

Stacey Symister -Secretary 

Committee Members

Rob Bevin 

Code of Conduct 


Our club has a proud History of over 130 years. It is run by volunteer support only, so we ask that you are mindful of this and any offers of assistance are always greatly appreciated.  We must always promote ourselves in a positive manner for the club and players itself.  To enable our club to operate to its full potential we expect our rules for the code of conduct to be adhered to.

·Southern players are required to attend weekly practices, for safety reasons when playing competition games on Saturdays. This is really important in the older grades, but get in good habits now.

· Southern players must listen to and follow instructions given by coaches and managers taking practices and on game day, and behave at all times in a respectful manner towards fellow team mates and coaches.

·Repeated breaches of discipline may result in a player being asked to sit out a weekly afternoon practice or being stood down for a competition game.

·Players, please be on time to weekly trainings and meet on Saturdays mornings at the time given by their coach.  (Usually 20-30 minutes before the game starts). If you cannot make a training or match please advise your coach.

· Players please ensure you wear your full uniform correctly each week (jersey, shorts, and socks). Look the part, (cool hairstyles are not compulsory) MOUTH GUARDS ARE COMPULSORY FOR ALL MATCHES AND TRAININGS. Get a gear bag and check everything ready on Friday night.

· Parents, please support players by cheering from the sidelines on game day. Referee/Player or any abuse is not acceptable.

· Parents, we need your support in the junior club by doing parent help throughout the season.  Each team will be given time slots for canteen in the afternoon as well as other events which require help to run; Club BBQ’s, Photo’s, Disco night, Quiz Night, Closing day etc.