40 Year Club Reunion “Alan Stevens Coaching Era”

To Former Players,

2015 marks 40 years since Alan Stevens retired from Coaching after 10 years at the top.  The committee considered this an ideal year to celebrate the success of that era with Alan by having a reunion of the players involved along with the players of the Second Grade A team of the same period who also had a very successful period.

On Saturday June 13th the Premiers play Varsity A in the V.G. Cavanagh Memorial match and the Magpie Colts play University Blue in the Ross Mee Memorial both at Bathgate Park, an ideal day to get together.

Presently we are trying to contact as many players as possible from those years with a view to finalizing plans for the day.  Attached is a list of names and known addresses (see below). Do you know the contact addresses of any of the missing or any other players who should be invited?  If so please contact any of the undersigned so we may make contact.

Contacts   Bill Somerville      ph. 455 3916 or 0276712139

                  Blair Crawford     ph. 456 1200wk,   email blair@edgarcentre.co.nz  027 4878489

                  Roy Daniels         ph. 456 1200wk,   email r.m.daniels@orcon.net.nz or 03 552 0415


Unfortunately the Club are missing team photos of 1970 and 1971, if anyone has these photos could you please contact Roy Daniels at the very earliest.  Billy Somerville is also keen to track down any programmes of the period.

It is intended to commence the proceedings at approximately 12 noon in the club rooms with a luncheon followed by viewing of the games and participation in the after match.

A Friday evening function is also being arranged once numbers are confirmed.

An early indication of your intentions would be appreciated by emailing Roy Daniels on the above email address. In the meantime please set aside the above date – we look forward to seeing you.


NB: This date will also be the “Old Members Day” where all past players (who mightn’t attend the Club as often as in the past) are encouraged to join us for the day.

Roy Daniels

On Behalf of the Committee.

Surname First Played Address City
Anderson Ron 73 B, 74B 21 Fairmile Drive Mosgiel
Anderson D 74 B
Arnold Malcolm 68 P 582 Speargrass Flat Rd RD 1 Queenstown
Barber Steve 73 B 411 South Rd Dunedin
Barton J.T. 72 P
Bateman Paul 74 B
Brocklebank Steven 74 P, 75P 29 Easter Cres Dunedin
Brown Kevin 72 B, 73B 14 Old Golf Course Rd Alexandra
Burtenshaw Brian 72 P, 73P, 74P,75P 22 Bell Cres Cromwell
Campbell I.S. 73 P
Carden Greg 18 Ranelagh St Karori Wellington
Chapman Russell 73 B, 74B 27 Woodland Ave Mosgiel
Churchill Ken 73 B, 74P UK?
Clark Lindsay 72 P, 73P, 74P,75P 5 St Ronans Road Dunedin
Colston Greg 74 B 3 Rewa Street Dunedin
Constable John Asst Coach 166 Balmacewan Road Dunedin
Cook Bob 72 P
Cope Warrick 74 B 86 Beresford Street Dunedin
Deaker Murray 68 P murray.deaker@thesands.co.nz Auckland
Docherty T. 73 B 14 Sharp Place Matamata
Dryhberg Phil 69 P Dunedin
Dudfield Murray 74 P
Gage Dave 69 P 204B South Rd Caversham Dunedin
Garland Russell 74 B 160 Evans St Dunedin
Gerrard T 73 B
Gibbons Peter 73 B, 74B 14 Silverton St Dunedin
Glover Keith 69 P 117 London St Dunedin
Graham Neil 73 P, 74P, 75P 11 Pillans Rd Otumoetai Tauranga
Harvey Nick 73 B 19 Preswick St Dunedin
Henderson Kevin 73 P, 74P 51 Bushy Park Rd Waikaka 9773
Inglis Gary P O Box 265 Whitianga
Innes John 73 B, 74B 10 Sunshine Court Cromwell
Jack Bryce 73 B, 74B Queenstown
Johnston Brian 73 B 12B Tedder St Dunedin
Kindley Bill 73 P, 75P 18 Lowbank Place Richmond Nelson
Kreft Terry 73 B 34 Selbourne Ave, Richmond Nelson
Kreft Brian 59 Stratford Tce Wanaka
Latimer Russell 73 B, 74B, 75P Johns Rd RD1 Rangoria
Lobb Denis 74 B 28 Thoreau St Concord Dunedin
Lord Gavin c/o Dunedin Hospital Dunedin
Mains Laurie 72 P, 73P, 74P,75P 305 Peninsula Rd Kelvin Heights Queenstown
Mains Ricky 73 P, 75P 86 Scroggs Hill Road Brighton
Martin Jack 73 P 33 Derby street Hampden
McDonald Winston Apt 1 11 Taranaki Rd Kohimarima Auckland 1071
McMillan Don 74 P, 75P
Newton Graeme 57 Albert St Dunedin
Nieper Russell 74 Coach 14 Garland Tce Kelvin Heights Queenstown
Notman Miles 780 Harrington Point Rd Dunedin
Payne S. 73 B 140 Surrey St Dunedin
Pridham Murray 75 P 241c Gladstone Road Mosgiel
Pescini Dave 69 P 4 Mara Place Waikawa Bay Picton
Richardson Denis 74 B 402 South Road Dunedin
Roy Rob 75 P 33 Earnscleugh Rd Alexandra
Seaman Kevin 73 B, 74B 3 Cook Street Dunedin
Seear Gary 72 P, 73P, 74P,75P 42 James St, Papanui Christchurch
Simpson John 72 P, 73P
Smith Rex 72 P UK?
Smith Lee 68 P lee@leesmith.co.nz Auckland
Smith Russell 68 P 23 Goodall Street Mosgiel
Somerville Billy 72 P 53B Helena St Dunedin
Stephens Athol 72 P, 73P, ,75P 527 Highgate Dunedin
Stewart Lyall 72 P, 73P, 74P, 40 Tamaki St Tahunanui Nelson
Thompson B 73 P
Tuck Darryl 72 P, 73P, 74P,75P c/o 27 Eliffe Place Shiel Hill Dunedin
Waaka Tuck 69 P
Walter Eddie 74 P, 75P 109 Preston Cres Dunedin
Watkins Brian 60 Mulford St Concord Dunedin
Waugh Graeme 72B 53 Helena Street Dunedin
Waugh Rod 68 P c/o Graeme Waugh Tauranga
Weaver Charlie 72 B, 73B, 74B 26 Valpy Street St Clair
Wheeler Bryan 73 B 7 Copperfield Close Mosgiel
Wilson Fraser 69 P Mount Royal Palmeston
Wood Richard 74 P, 75P

Premiers impressive in beating Taieri

The Premiers maintained their unbeaten record this season with a very good performance winning 22-11 against the reigning champions Taieri on Anzac Day at Bathgate Park.

It was Taieri’s first loss of the season (they had a draw against Harbour). It was our first win against the Taieri side in 4 seasons.
The biggest crowd of the season (approx. 500) stood silently as the last post was played before the match, waiting expectantly to see if Southern’s form could continue.
The top of the table game rose to the occasion with an intensity from both teams that was a level up on previous matches this season. 
Defence was the key for Southern who continually shut down Taieri attacks and scrambled successfully when the line was breached.
Bryce Hosie playing at first five showed the value of good goal kicking – nailing 6 from 6 including 5 penalty goals. Nathan Cargo scored just before half time to steal the momentum going into half time at 13-5. 
The second half was evenly contested, however Southern never looked like conceding the lead.
Mika Mafi at no 8 again showed his form and was the best player on the paddock and edged the Taieri captain and Otago incumbent no 8 Charlie O’Connell. His strong runs were matched by his impressive tackling. Halfback Josh Walden celebrated his 50th and blazer match with a controlled game at halfback.
The aftermatch speeches acknowledged the Trophy being played for with Ian Stevens outlining the impressive record of Roy Nieper and why the trophy was started. Both captains spoke very well, with O’Connell acknowledging the freedom that we take for granted after the sacrifices those before us gave on Anzac Day. He also admitted it was Taieri’s best performance of the season.

The last 3 weeks have shown the Magpies have the ability to be a championship side, the key now is to maintain the level set – while having some luck with injuries!

Otago Daily Times Report:
The old rugby ball can bounce in seemingly any direction but luckily for Southern winger Jono Hayes, it sprang his way.

He passed to centre Nathan Cargo, who dotted down just before the halftime break to give his side a 13-5 lead against defending champion Taieri.

Bryce Hosie converted but captain Tei Walden deserves the bulk of the credit. He intercepted a loose pass from Josh Casey and made a smart offload to Hayes, who booted it upfield and chased hard.

It was the turning point in a very competitive fixture at Bathgate Park.

Casey fumbled shortly after the break, which gave Southern the opportunity to sweep on to attack. Taieri infringed and Hosie kicked the first of three second-half penalties – five in total – which helped keep his side in front.

Earlier, it appeared as if Taieri might pick up the win. It scored in the opening minute when fullback Ben Miller spotted prop Warren Moffat defending on the outside and ran around him to score in the corner.

The Eels also finished the game strongly. They pinned Southern in its own half for most of the final 10 minutes and went searching for a second try. Only some resolute defence prevented a second try being scored

Results 25th April

Premiers beat Taieri 22-11
Premier 2’s lost to Taieri 39-32
Magpie Colts beat Pirates 31-15
Raven Colts beat Alhambra Union 35-10
Womens lost to Alhambra-Union 53-10

Draw – 25th April, Anzac Day

Premier Div 1 Referee Assistant Referee
3:00pm University v Zingari-Richmond University Oval 1 Rob Wells J Hibbs & K Wallis
3:00pm Southern v Taieri Bathgate 1 *Roy Nieper Trophy* Mitchell Will M Green & K McGrannachan
3:00pm Dunedin v Kaikorai Kettle Park 1 Sheldon Eden-Whaitiri C Faatoese & F Hannon
3:00pm Alhambra-Union v Green Island North Ground Chris Webster B Kyle & P Burger
3:00pm Harbour v Pirates Watson Park Chris Hart S Curran & H Ryan
Premier Div 2 Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm University v Zingari-Richmond University Oval 1 J Hibbs
1:15pm Southern v Taieri Bathgate Park 1 M Green
1:15pm Dunedin v Kaikorai Kettle Park 1 C Fa’atoese
1:15pm Alhambra-Union v Green Island North Ground B Kyle
1:15pm Pirates v Eastern Hancock Park 1 A Ritchie
Senior Referee Assistant Referee
3:00pm Brighton v Pirates Brighton 1 P McRae
3:00pm Strath Taieri v Harbour Middlemarch R Cormack
3:00pm Taieri v Alhambra-Union Peter Johnstone 1 P McGregor C Neilson
3:00pm West Taieri v Kaikorai Outram B Adie
3:00pm Toko v Dunedin Milton C Calteaux
3:00pm Green Island v Crescent Miller Park 1 D Rodgers L Bremner & C Carroll
Women Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm Pirates v University Hancock Park 2 L McGrannachan
1:15pm Alhambra-Union v Southern Opoho 1 P Burger M Burger
1:15pm Kaikorai v North Otago Bishops Court 1 R Dore
Colts Div 1 Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm SBHS v Taieri Invercargill Southland Referee
1:15pm Zingari-Richmond v Alhambra-Union Montecillo 1 E Brown S Braid & A Newman
3:00pm Pirates v Southern Hancock 1 B Hale K Fowler & S Braid
3:00pm Dunedin Makos v OBHS Kettle Park 2 A Laughton T Te Whata & S Howat
1:15pm Harbour v Kaikorai Watson Park S Curran H Ryan & C Gillet
University Blue Bye
Colts Div 2 Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm Green Island v University Miller Park 1 C Carroll
1:15pm Taieri v Dunedin Hammerheads Peter Johnstone 3 C Neilson
1:15pm Southern Ravens v Alhambra-Union Bathgate Park 2 K McGrannachan
1:15pm Dunedin Dog Sharks v Dunedin Tigers Kettle Park 2 F Hannon
Southern Wide Real Estate Grade Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm Dunstan v John McGlashan Dunstan HS 1 Stu Geddes
1:15pm OBHS v Kavanagh Littlebourne 1 Neal Wallace J Wallace & C Lemon
1.15pm Kings v Taieri College Kings 1 Dave Kennedy L Bremner
1:15pm Mt Aspiring v South Otago Mt Aspring College 1 Tim Lucas
1:15pm Waitaki Boys St Kevins Waitaki Boys 1 North Otago Referee
U18/17 Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm Dunstan HS 2nd XV v John McGlashan 2nd XV Dunstan HS 2 D Maruera
1:15pm Cromwell v South Otago 2nd XV Cromwell T Gaston
1:15pm Toko v West Taieri Milton P Standish
1:15pm OBHS 3rd XV v Eastern University Oval 4 K Wallis
U15/14 Referee Assistant Referee
1:15pm Mt Aspiring U14 v Dunstan HS U14 Wanaka Showgrounds 1 Dave Burton
1:15pm Mt Aspiring U15 v Dunstan HS U15 Wanaka Showgrounds 2 Rob Caig
1:15pm Kings U14 Tigers v Kings U14 Wildcats Kings 2 W Smith

Club Results – 18th April

Premiers beat Dunedin 40-17
Premier 2 lost to Dunedin 21-12
Magpie Colts beat Kaikorai 31-11
Ravens Colts beat Dunedin Tigers 82-5
Women beat Kaikorai 40-5