Southern $100 Club Raffle – Final Draw (28th June)

Congratulations to the below winners of the FINAL DRAW for the 100 club held in the Club Rooms.
Well done to long term member Alan Betts for taking out the top prize of $1000.

Due to the shortened Club Rugby Season and significant capital expenditure last summer there has been some pressure on the club finances and your support is greatly appreciated in helping
to overcome some of the shortfall.

$50 85 Norma Brocklebank
$50 13 Marty Johns
$50 11 Ryan Bennett
$50 7 Shona Pearson
$50 96 Brent McEwan
$50 57 Mark Stevens
$50 21 Karen Connor
$50 14 Rick & Rex Moss
$50 56 Ian Stevens
$50 85 Norma Brocklebank
$50 35 Alan Jordan
$50 6 P J McQueen
$100 75 Antony Burtenshaw
$100 91 Wayne Bennett
$100 19 Trish Seaman
$100 20 Dennis McBride
$100 77 Robbie Munro
$100 89 Justin Macready
$200 58 Ray Cormack & Mark Sadgrove
$200 94 Stu Gillan
$200 91 Wayne Bennett
$200 89 Justin Macready
$250 15 Murray Hamilton & Brent Rodger
$500 35 Alan Jordan
$1,000 88 Alan Betts

Southern $100 Club Raffle – Draw 3 (20th June)

Congratulations to the winners below for the week three draw of the Raffle.

A reminder the Final Draw is this coming Sunday commencing at 2pm.

1st 62 $50 Bryan Wheeler
2nd 15 $50 Murray Hamilton
3rd 10 $50 Trish/Shelly Seaman
4th 40 $100 Barry Stevens/Stu Williams

Social Events 2020

With our shorter playing season now all confirmed – we’ve also had to adjust our social calendar.
We are pleased to get feedback from our players that there is still a high demand for our annual club social occasions.

Sat 11th July: We start with the “Magpies of Origin” formerly known as the “Lock-in” where we get the opportunity to get to know as many people within the Club.

Sat 1st Aug: Old Members Day. Past players and members book this date in your calendar and spread the word to those that don’t read online or Facebook. The Premiers will play a home game v Green Island for the Selwyn Inglis Memorial.

Date to be advised (Sat): The Black & White Ball.