Preseason Training and Trials 2018

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Welcome to the upcoming rugby season.

Club Contact details  –
Club Captain: Gareth Woodhouse (Woody) 027 440 1142
Premier Coach: Paul Miller 027 462 7006
Colts Coach/ Coordinator: Caleb Mitchell 027 427 4236

Club Teams (Final player number dependent)

  • Premier
  • Premier 2
  • Senior
  • Colts 1
  • Colts 2
  • Women

Preseason Games and Trials Southern RFC 2018

Preseason Training (6pm Tues & Thurs)
Starts on Thursday 8th February and will run every Tuesday and Thursday thereafter at Bathgate Park.
Tom Hart our Premier trainer will be running the sessions. Transport available from the student area (contact Caleb).

 3rd March
Colts Internal Trial, Bathgate Park No 2 @ 1:00pm

 10th March

 Premiers vs Taieri , PJ Park @ 2:00pm

 Colts 1 vs Jockey RFC (Argentina), Bathgate Park No2 @1:00pm

 Colts 2 vs Jockey RFC, Bathgate Park No2 @ 2:30pm

 16th March

 Premiers vs Alhambra Union, North Ground @ 6:15pm

 Colts 1 vs Alhambra Union, Logan Park @6:15pm

 Colts 2 vs OBHS Logan Park @ 6:15pm

 24th March
Premier Season starts today

 Colts 1 vs Southland Boys, Wakatipu Ground Queenstown @ 1:00pm (TBC)

 28th March

 Colts 1 vs Dunedin, Kettle Park @ 6:15pm (TBC)

 Colts 2 vs Dunedin, Kettle Park @ 6:15pm (TBC)