Draw for 15th May (incl’s Junior draw)

Premiers bye (Round 1 Gallaway Trophy)
Premier Dev v Dunedin, Bathgate Park 1, 12.45pm
Seniors v Dunedin, Kettle Park, 2.45pm
Magpies Premier Colts v University Blue, Uni Oval 5 (beside FB Stadium), 12.45pm
Ravens Championship Colts v Upper Clutha, Wanaka, 12.45pm

Junior Rugby Draw – 15th May:

Under 13
9:00 Pirates Anchormen v Zingari Dragons Hancock 1
10:00 GI Grizzlies v Taieri Blue Miller Park 1
9:00 Taieri Gold v Dunedin Hammerhead Sharks Peter Johnstone 3
9:00 Kaikorai Demons v Southern Bishopscourt 1

Year 7

10:00 Pirates BountyHunters v Taieri Blue Hancock 1
10:00 AU Broncos v Southern North Ground
9:00 Taieri Gold v GI Grizzlies Peter Johnstone 4
9:00 Dunedin Thresher Sharks v Kaikorai Demons Kettle Park 1
Eastern BYE

Year 6
10:00 Pirates Whitepointers v Harbour Hancock Junior 3
10:00 Green Island Gold v Kaikorai Black Miller Park Junior 1
10:00 Kaikorai Blue v Green Island Green Bishopscourt Junior 1
10:00 West Taieri Boars v Dunedin Mako Sharks Outram Junior 1
10:00 West Taieri Tuskers v Zingari Dragons Outram Junior 2
10:00 Taieri Blue v Southern Magpies Peter Johnstone Jun 5A
10:00 Eastern v Taieri Gold Waikouaiti Junior 1
10:00 Taieri Black v Kaikorai White Peter Johnstone Jun 4A

Year 5
10:00 Pirates Raiders Green Island Gold Hancock Junior 4
9:00 Green Island Green Pirates Skulls Miller Park Jun 2
9:00 Southern Magpies Kaikorai Blue Bathgate Jun 3
10:00 West Taieri Wild Hogs Southern Ravens Outram Jun 3
10:00 Taieri Blue AU Crazy Horses Peter Johnstone Jun 5B
10:00 Kaikorai Black Taieri Gold Bishopscourt Jun 2
10:00 Eastern Dunedin Tigers Sharks Waikouaiti Jun 2

Year 4
9:00 Green Island Gold v Pirates Jolly Rogers Miller Park Jun 3
9:00 Green Island Black v Dunedin Blue Sharks Miller Park Jun 4
10:00 Taieri Blue v Green Island Green Peter Johnstone Jun 5
10:00 Kaikorai Black v Taieri Gold Bishopscourt Jun 3
9:00 West Taieri Razorbacks v Kaikorai Blue Outram Jun 4
9:00 Harbour v Southern Watson Park Jun 1
10:00 Eastern v Zingari Dragons Waikouaiti Jun 3

Year 3
9:00 Dunedin Bull Sharks Pirates Bandits Kettle Park Jun 1
9:00 Green Island Gold Kaikorai Blue Miller Park Jun 5
9:00 Kaikorai Black Green Island Green Bishopscourt Jun 4
10:00 Taieri Blue AU Mustangs Peter Johnstone Jun 4
10:00 Eastern Harbour Waikouaiti Jun 4
Southern BYE

Year 2 Rippa
9:00 Pirates Blackswords v Zingari Dragons Hancock Jun 5
9:00 Green Island Gold v Dunedin Wobbegong Sharks Miller Park Jun 6
10:00 Taieri Blue v Green Island Green Peter Johnstone Jun 3
10:00 Green Island Black v Brighton Miller Park Jun 6
10:00 Harbour v Taieri Gold Moller Park Jun 1
10:00 Southern v Strath Taieri Bathgate Jun 4
10:00 Eastern v Kaikorai Black Waikouaiti Jun 5

Year 1 Rippa
9:00 AU Foals v Pirates Buccaneers Opoho Jun 1
10:00 AU Brumbies v Green Island Gold Opoho Jun 2
10:00 Taieri Blue v Green Island Green Peter Johnstone Jun 2
10:00 Green Island Black v Southern Magpies Miller Park Jun 5
10:00 West Taieri Piglets v Taieri Gold Outram Jun 4
10:00 Harbour v Strath Taieri Moller Park Jun 2
10:00 Eastern v Dunedin Goblin Sharks Waikouaiti Jun 6
Kaikorai Black BYE

Under 5 Rippa
9:30 Pirates Sparrows Dunedin Baby Sharks Hancock Jun 6
10:00 Green Island Gold Harbour Red Miller Park Jun 3
10:00 Harbour Blue Green Island Green Watson Park Jun 1
10:00 Green Island Black Taieri Gold Miller Park Jun 4
10:00 AU Baby Broncos Green Island White Opoho Jun 1
10:00 Green Island Blue Kaikorai Black Miller Park Jun 2
10:00 Taieri Blue Southern Magpies Peter Johnstone Jun 1
10:00 Brighton Zingari Baby Dragons Brighton Jun 1

Results from 8th May

Premiers beat Zingari Richmond 50-17
Premier Dev lost to Kaikorai Dev 60-14
Seniors beat Eastern 45-7
Magpies Premier Colts lost to Kaikorai Devils 33-17
Ravens Championship Colts beat Zingari Richmond Dragons 38-0

Draw for Sat 8th May (all teams at Bathgate Park)

It will be a big day of rugby at the Club this Saturday with all teams drawn to play at Bathgate Park:

Premiers v Zingari Richmond, Bathgate Park, 2.45pm
Premier Dev v Kaikorai, Bathgate Park, 12.45pm
Seniors v Eastern, Bathgate Park, 2.45pm
Magpies Premier Colts v Kaikorai Devils. Bathgate Park, 12.45pm
Ravens Championship Colts v Zingari Richmond Dragons, Bathgate Park 12.45pm

Current Positions:
Speights Jug: Premiers – 6th (NB: points don’t carry over to Gallaway Trophy & Championship)
Premier Dev – 8th
Seniors – 3rd
Magpie Colts – 4th
Raven Colts – 10th

Results from 1st May

Premiers beat Taieri 35-28
Premier Dev lost to Green Is (Paddy Roberts Memorial) 69-0
Seniors lost to Kaikorai 39-19
Magpies Premier Colts lost to Dunedin Makos 32-24
Ravens Championship Colts lost to Kaikorai Cobras 27-7

Premier Match Report (Courtesy of ODT)
The defending champions have been vanquished again.

This time Taieri knows exactly where to point the finger.

The Eels produced a rubbish opening 40 minutes against a hungry Southern side at Bathgate Park.

Taieri played some of its worst football in three years and went into the break trailing 18-7.

The deficit should have been larger but halfback Bob Martin provided a nippy effort to score from broken play in the opening 10 minutes.

Southern dominated up front. The large figure of Highlanders lock Pari Pari Parkinson stood out, and No 8 Tofatuimoana Solia proved a handful as well.

Right-winger Timoci Tavatavanawai was a constant threat and the best player on the park, while fullback Obey Samate enhanced his reputation with another classy display at the back.

Jack Leslie was impressive at first five-eighth as well.

Taieri rallied in the second spell. It fought back to trail 30-28 with five minutes remaining.

But Southern scored with four minutes remaining to clinch its first win this season.

Last weekend Taieri came unstuck against a determined Green Island side. That game could have gone either way.

But Southern earned its victory on Saturday.

The upside for Taieri was Martin bagged a second try and looks to have returned to form after a long injury battle.

Other results:
University 40 Zingari-Richmond 17
Dunedin 30 Alhambra-Union 12
Green Island 20 Harbour 20
Kaikorai the bye