Otago Weight Grade Teams Named

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Southern junior players (from our U11, U12 and U13 grades) have been involved in Metro weight grade teams over the last 2 months. Metro have 2 teams in each grade (U65kg, U48kg, and U38kg) and Central Otago, and South West Otago each have 1 team. After 3 trials around the Otago region the Otago Weight grade teams have been announced.

Congratulations to loose forward Callum White (Otago U65kg) and wing James Nicholson (Otago U48kg) both from our U13 team for making their respective Otago teams.

Also named was the Dunedin U38kg rep team, included in this team are Angus Cameron and Sam Donaldson both from our U12 team, and Jaquan Mapasua from our U13 team.  Congratulations to all 3 of you on your selection.
Hard luck to those other Magpie players who didn’t quite make the next step, but you have done so well in playing rep rugby for Metro teams, and there are a lot of years ahead.

The Otago U65 and U48kg team play in the South Island tournament run over 3 days in September, against all provinces from the South Island. While the Dunedin U38kg team plays in the 1 day U38kg Trevor Boyle tournament against Otago Country, Southland Country, and Southland Metro.

Mike Robertson a parent at the Club is the coach of the Otago U65kg team.

Otago U65kg Team 

1 Matthew Taylor Taieri

2 Liam Ferguson Toko

3 Alesana Tulafono Wakatipu

4 Ross Sutherland Taieri

5 Kobe Thomson Clutha

6 Callum White Southern

7 Dominic Morrison Kaikorai

8 Jarrod Kreft Taieri

9 Eli Ellison Kaikorai

10 Andrew McKenzie Eastern

11 Lucas Eymor Pirates

12 Jamal Penese Kaikorai

13 Ryan Schmack Upper Clutha

14 Flynn Murdoch Taieri

15 Ryan Watterston Pirates

16 Benjamin Hill Kaikorai

17 Cameron Moffitt Kaikorai

18 Joshua Nevin Green Island

19 Rhys Hughes Upper Clutha

20 Jack Colbourne Upper Clutha

21 Doug Smith Maniototo

22 Bradley McPate Green Island

NTR Rohan Wingham Pirates

Coach Mike Robertson

Coach Keith Cameron

Manager Sean Blair

Medic Declan Sua

Otago U48kg Team
1 Thor Dougherty Taieri

2 Reece Michelle Roxburgh

3 Bryson Carraher Pirates

4 Jay Davis Dunedin

5 Aidan Mallon Toko

6 Brayden Thomas Green Island

7 Kyle Whitehead Lawrence

8 Zak Healey Alexandra

9 Jack Martin Eastern

10 Lachlan Marshall Wakatipu

11 James Nicolson Southern

12 Billy Blair Heriot

13 Thomas Andrew Taieri

14 Connor McKenzie Heriot

15 Jonty Sopp Clutha

16 Hugo Cochrane Upper Clutha

17 Caleb Moody Cromwell

18 Jaxon Benington Lawrence

19 Josh Sanders Toko

20 Ethan McKinlay Taieri

21 Lachlan Moore Upper Clutha

22 Finn McDonald-Page Taieri

NTR Ryan Evans Taieri

NTR Jack Murray Lawrence

Coach Stu Cotton

Coach Bob Sinclair

Manager Mike Dougherty

Medic David Young

Otago U38kg Team 
1 Sam Williams Pirates

2 Luke Geddes Alhambra-Union

3 Lukus Johnston Dunedin

4 Griffin Wingham Pirates

5 Adrian Branzuela Harbour

6 Angus Cameron Southern

7 Ezra Holmes West Taieri

8 Samuel Stedman Pirates

9 Kyran Miller-Bowler Taieri

10 Trent Thomson Taieri

11 Ashton Booth Dunedin

12 Hamish Faulks Taieri

13 Hayden Butcher Taieri

14 Jacob Cumming Dunedin

15 Edward Sunderland Dunedin

16 Winston Ward Dunedin

17 Samuel Donaldson Southern

18 Olliver Sinclair Taieri

19 Callum Hill Zingari-Richmond

20 Che Arekateratera Pirates

21 Jaquan Mapusua Southern

22 William Hunter West Taieri

Coach Craig Cumming

Coach John Faulks